FuzeField is an interactive exercise floor that combines education, exercise, and gaming, creating a whole new dimension of moving to learn.

Children enjoy themselves on a colorful floor on which they answer multiple-choice questions on a screen while jumping. This is moving to learn, and the children do it all by themselves, you don’t need a teacher for it.

Because movement improves blood flow to the brain, people are better able to process new information and signals. In addition to better cognitive performance, Fuzen also leads to more focus, more pleasure, and more self-confidence.

FuzeField makes it very easy for teachers; They do not have to follow any training and there is no need for extra supervision in the schoolyard. In short, it takes no extra effort to help children learn more.

A super nice form of teacher support!

The FuzeField stems from the BeweegTegels, an idea from Eric Herber. This creative jack-of-all-trades is a physical exercise teacher and has a special drive to get children moving physically and mentally. From that mission, he jumped rope at home and abroad for the past 27 years and he designed the BeweegTegels 7 years ago: resilient tiles that were connected via a software program to a screen on which the number of jumps could be followed in real-time. The underlying idea was that children would take this as an invitation to jump a lot. All experiences from this phase supplied important input for the further development of FuzeField.


Besides the physical field, the actual software/modules are an important aspect of FuzeField. Each FuzeField is standard equipped with various modules that match existing learning objectives. From math to telling the time, language, topography, brain teasers, and more. It works like a computer game: if you do it right, the questions will automatically become more difficult. Children can play the modules in their own way and at their own pace: the program adapts to the level of the students. That makes FuzeField fun for all groups, from toddlers to eighth grade.

Each FuzeField is connected to the internet via Weconnect’s mobile networks. This makes FuzeField flexible to remotely update all learning modules and introduce completely new ones, without having to physically go to a school. The solution is also not dependent on the network of third parties so that we ourselves have end-to-end control over the quality and performance of the whole.

This connectivity is also ideal for analysis.

Usage statistics are analyzed. We can learn interesting lessons from this, among other things very useful for developing content. All in all, the independent connectivity is of enormous added value for both internal FuzeField and locations that have their own FuzeField, such as schools.


Benefits of FuzeField

  • Learning, moving, and having fun in one
  • Both hemispheres of the brain are activated
  • Stand upright in an active position – head straight forward instead of down
  • Modules are in line with the learning objectives
  • The programs adapt to the level of the students
  • Fuzen – the combination of learning, movement, and gaming – encourages collaboration
  • Quickly installed and low maintenance

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More information: www.fuzefield.nl