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Offshore and marine internet | 4G LTE

The marine sector has an increasing need for connectivity, both internal systems and staff have high wishes for performance and uptime. With our 4G LTE marine internet service we offer internet at sea for Crew and vessels of Cargo and Cruise ships, Superyachts and near shore projects.

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Workplace internet connection

We have created a unique solution for shipping companies around the world. Most shipping companies only use satellite equipment for the communication needs of staff and / or passengers. This is pre-eminently useful on the open sea but is not always cost efficient.

Our high quality 4G LTE solution also offers reliable and cost-effective access to the internet for the marine sector.

We offer multiple solutions. SIM Only to use in your own domain or a complete solution, including advanced 4G LTE router equipment, and amplifier or antenna. These solutions will create long distance 4G, by amplifying the signal up to 70 km from the coast!

Of course the SIM has worldwide coverage and If desired, we can also provide the combination with satellite for the optimum use of both technologies, anywhere in the world.

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Crew connect eSIM | Dual-SIM

Crew members, technical & installation personnel, project teams and executives travel the world and upon arrival at their destination are frequently confronted with mobile data & connectivity issues. Local Wi-Fi networks simply aren’t available, secure or sufficient. Or they cannot be used due to the security policies of your own or the client company.

Business SIM is rapidly becoming the industry standard for new mobile devices and the preferred method for connecting and travelling abroad. All new iPhones and Samsung phones, acn now use an eSIM as a Dual SIM. The same goes for tablets and smart watches.

At Weconnect we can supply an online eSIM management dashboard in which you can create new subscriptions for special regions and with custom limits. If an employee is planning on an overseas trip, you can choose a fitting subscription and create a custom QR-code for this employee. When the employee scans this QR-code the new subscription will be activated. In the portal you’ll keep access to usage information and receive a composite invoice of all active subscriptions or data used.

Read more about Business eSIM in our blog. 

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Cargo tracking

Get real-time insight into the location of your freight, containers and other expensive properties. With our track & trace solution you get real-time insight into the exact location.

You can use this information to optimize the logistics process or to insure your cargo. Whatever your exact application is. With our solutions you realize real-time insight. Centralized. Wherever in the world the “end points” are located.

Long distance 4G solution for marine internet

The mobile (4G) connection between the cell tower and your ship will in practice have a range of approximately 8 Km from the coast. If you want to maintain the connection to the 4G network on the open sea for a longer range, you can. Make use of our Long Distance 4G solution whereby you are provided with the necessary hardware such as antenna and or amplifier in addition to the SIM with worldwide coverage for ultimate marine internet. 

4G LTE broadband Antenna

Our new 4G LTE broadband antenna extends the range of mobile Internet connectivity to a new dimension for coastal and inland shipping. With our professional, rock solid, small, light weight antenna, affordable high speed marine internet is now available. You can connect to internet all your devices like smartphones, tablets, PCs and other devices you have on board. The antenna system provides diversity function for better connectivity and higher speed via LTE networks. Optimization for long-range access will provide excellent connectivity being offshore with high data speed and throughput. The full usability is given by a one-cable solution, connecting the antenna.

The antenna offers up to 150 Mbit/s download and up to 50 Mbit/s upload speed (upon availability by the 4G 5G connection)

Advantages Antenna versus Amplifier set up

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Connected and in control with our CMP

Our IoT solutions are including a rich function IoT Portal. Cloud based, covering all you need for M2M SIM activation and management.

With this great tool you can act as an operator on your own. Just hold stock and facilitate activation and suspending at your command.

A wide range of alert settings to manage possible risk of too much usage and cost is a great feature as well.

When you need to support multiple , different projects for co working companies, departments or resellers, use the cost place section to separate projects and its dynamics so clear borders per IoT Solutions project are covered.

About Weconnect

After working within corporate telecom operators for over 17 years, we started weconnect in 2016. We took the lessons learned and got rid of the typical “don’ts’’ we experienced during our career within the telecom market.

We created a honest and clear model supplying international mobile internet to connect customers and partners in a way we wanted to be connected.

Since then we’ve build up a global mobile network service and an amazing team of professionals in Alkmaar, the Netherlands.

We’ve been providing the best global connectivity solutions since the start, we keep developing in this changing market and we are more than happy to provide you with our services. Read more about our team.

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