Maritime Analytics
Smart Vessel Optimizer

The shipping industry is undertaking major challenges.

Think of growing pressure on environment, increasing competition from all over the world and ever-changing regulations. This requires smart decision-making from vessel builders and owners.

The global production industry has similar challenges and is harvesting data coming from their factories to support decision-making.

These technologies have proven to be very successful in maintaining an improving their competitive position as well increase the productivity and availability of their most valuable assets.

Smart Vessel Optimizer is utilizing the same industrial hardware and software solutions. But then redesigned for maritime operations to support vessel owners and builders. Unlocking a continuous string of opportunities to improve operation. Over time the data becomes richer and this way reveals even more improvement area’s


Operational Intelligence

From day one when the data is being collected this gives more and better understanding of operational use of the vessel and the impact that has on utilization, Opex, planning and more

operation improvement


This information can be used by the crew or superintendents to optimize utilization and execution of the vessel.

fleet optimization

Fleet optimization

When information is benchmarked against other vessels from the fleet learnings start to double and can be used to optimize the whole fleet to the level of the top performers.


Operational Intelligence

In this journey, the users will find all sorts of values that are worth having a regular followup. With the right dashboard and by setting op recurring reports changes can be monitored and can be acted on by any stakeholder.


Ship & System Design

All this information and learnings lead to in-depth knowledge and understanding of the optimal operational profile of a vessel compared to the job it is supposed to do. This leads to the possibility to optimize ship & system design. For future purchased/leased vessels.


Information Management

Effectively managing and distributing information allows multiple departments to make better decisions and upgrade their operation. Think of Maintenance, (crew)planning, legal, R&D, sales and top management.

Smart Vessel Optimizer

Smart Vessel Optimizer supports a number of standard dashboards that can be adapted per customer.

The type of vessel and operation determine the most critical KPI’s that need monitoring if shipyards and vessel owners want to start optimizing.

These KPI’s will be determined at the start of the project together with the end user. It is from this starting point that we determine the vital datapoints that we need to extract and convert from the vessel.

We are developing standardized dashboards for specific vessel types as well.

This way we support customers that may need some help determine the possibilities. Along the way we can tweak dashboards if desired or add extra specific visuals.

All information shown in the dashboards can be presented in recurring reports to be shared with specific stakeholders in the value chain

Smart Vessel Dashboard
Smart Vessel Dashboard Maritime

The comprehensive dashboards of Smart Vessel Optimizer help on making decisions.

Know where each vessel is at any time and what their engine load and fuel rates are. Decide when which route is the most cost efficient and instruct the captain on acting on this data.

Increase operating times by using the vessels more extensively and drastically cut down maintenance costs.

To be able to act upon data, these need to be collected and interpreted. Let Smart Vessel Optimizer help you on deciding your most lucrative opportunities

To support these 24-7 processes, we complete the solution with high quality 4G+ LTE connectivity. We do this in a flexible manner and based on industry grade services. Thanks to our multi-network connectivity, we ensure extra high availability anywhere in the world.

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