Providing Global, Secure IoT Connectivity

Satellite solutions are now making it possible to extend IoT connectivity into remote or difficult environments. This development ensures enhanced coverage and greater resilience.

For over 7 years, Weconnect has been at the forefront of delivering Critical Connectivity across the globe.

We have now expanded our offerings through the Starlink network.

Leveraging Starlink

We are committed to providing robust, encrypted Critical Connectivity by leveraging the Starlink constellation of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites. This solution enables us to offer a truly global service, both on land and at sea, especially in scenarios where traditional mobile and fixed connectivity solutions are either too expensive or simply unreliable.

We cater to a wide range of sectors, including defense, government, industry, disaster response, and the oil, gas, and mining industries.

Key features of Starlink

Global Possibilities

Military-Grade Encryption

Global Possibilities

Low-Cost Remote Coverage

Global Possibilities

Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellites

Global Possibilities

Prioritized Service

Global Possibilities

Fast Deployment

Starlink: A New Era for Maritime Connectivity

There is a second great application;

With Starlink, the maritime industry might getting into a connectivity revolution. The promise of faster speeds and lower costs makes Starlink an attractive primary internet option for vessels.

However, it’s wise to have a backup. This is where cellular and alternative satellite connections come into play, offering a safety net and complementing service with our 4G/5G M2M data services.

Complementing back up set up explained.

Imagine a yacht or vessel sailing. Its primary internet source? Starlink Maritime. For backup, a 4G/5G router equipped with a pay-per-GB SIM. This secondary connection is always on standby, charging only when used. If no data flows, your wallet stays full. This makes the pay-per-GB M2M SIM card a perfect match for Starlink.

Complementing active - active set up explained.

For any boat or (commercial-) vessel there is another scenario. And that is the ‘’active – active’’ set up. 4G 5G Mobile data from Weconnect still has its great performance and stability and prices got more and more attractive. This way we see customers wanting big 250GB – 1000GB data plans for the active and stable connectivity. 4G 5G Mobile data with Starlink Maritime taking over when sailing open sea is a great complementing combination.

The launch of Starlink Maritime marks a significant milestone. It heralds a new chapter in maritime communications, promising faster broadband, more data capacity, and lower costs. This network is set to propel the maritime industry forward, continuing its digital transformation. True 4G 5G Starlink-compatible products, like pay per GB data plans and 4G M2M SIM cards, are only achievable through specialists in multi-network IoT cellular connectivity, given the intricate requirements. Weconnect with its years of experience across major sectors including maritime, embraces 4G Starlink Maritime as a great addition to existing connectivity choices.

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