Fixed ip SIM card

Fixed IP address wherever you connect

We offer SIM cards with static / Fixed IP adresses for regional and global projects. With our fixed IP SIM you keep the same IP address also when the device moves or changes function. 

simkaart weconnect wholesale retail sim 4g 5g

Fixed ip SIM card

Fixed IP address wherever you connect

We offer SIM cards with static / Fixed IP adresses for regional and global projects. With our fixed IP SIM you keep the same IP address also when the device moves or changes function. 

simkaart weconnect wholesale retail sim 4g 5g

What is a fixed / static IP SIM?

Fixed IP addresses remain static. Their use allows two-way communication between the IoT endpoint/device and the organization’s servers. Because the address never changes, you can access your IoT device to get information and connection when needed from the main server site initiative. So, if your IoT devices all have fixed IP addresses, you’ll be able to access them at their specific IP address whenever you need them. This gives you guaranteed visibility and control of your IoT devices, as well as complete end-to-end security and encryption.

Dynamic IP addresses are assigned automatically based on preconfigured settings in the network and dedicated DHCP servers (dynamic host configuration protocols), which manage a pool of IP addresses available for use. This type of IP is usually used in consumer and regular business devices and change every time a device connects to the internet. This can make it hard to keep track of devices using dynamic IP addresses. The advantage of it is security and consumer privacy but it is not always helpful within a system of IoT devices where manageability and visibility are important.

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Secure and flexible

For the purpose of security, we can set you up with your own APN and Secure dedicated VPN so data traffic is secured and directly delivered at your Data Centre firewall. With this set up the public internet won’t be reached, and you determine yourself what to do with the traffic generated by the end points. Some other features; Fixed IP, IMEI Locking, URL black and white listing and firewall services.

Connect devices that are part of any (critical) business process.

Some applications.

Diagnostics, sensoring, asset – animal tracking & monitoring

Smart farming, Smart lighting, protection of objects, monitoring of central heating boilers, fleet management within the logistics chain and lease industry, Smart metering and applications in healthcare, including process optimization and personal protection.

Global Possibilities

Global Possibilities

We offer a very extensive IoT – M2M  portfolio with worldwide coverage from 1 SIM, 1 platform and at 1 price per region.

Our data services are very versatile and flexible. They are available worldwide thanks to our network partners in more than 195 countries. You will get multiple networks per country carrier neutral non steered. With this the Weconnect IoT SIM connects to over 700 networks worldwide.

We are strong in any usage volume

We offer 2G, 3G and 4G / LTE anywhere in the world.

With us you determine the type of SIM, eSIM, (QR Code) ChipSIM, the proposition and the price plan.

Industry icon

Industry grade values

Whatever SIM solution you choose, they are all industry grade and carrier neutral. Permanent roaming allowed for all year continuity and ease.

The Operator back-end for SIM management is a part of the service so you can operate independently anywhere in the world.

We support any technique, so choose Physical 3-1 SIM, eSIM, ChipSIM or QR Code eSIM facilitating your project.

Determine the countries and networks that suit your requirements

Get the best price and global coverage thanks to +700 networks

Provide new applications with mobile connectivity to stay ahead of the competition

One solution covered by one contract and supplier


Services are including a rich function operator back-end. web based, covering all you need for SIM activation and management.

With this great tool you can act as an operator on your own. Just hold stock and facilitate activation and suspending at your command.

A wide range of alert settings to manage possible risk of too much usage and cost is a great feature as well.

When you need to support multiple , different projects for co working companies, departments or resellers, use the cost place section to separate projects and its dynamics so clear borders per project are covered.

Cisco jasper portal screenshot Weconnect IoT management
Cisco jasper portal screenshot Weconnect IoT management

Key benefits of static / fixed IP SIMs

  • Great for remote access in order to retrieve information from the IoT device – endpoint
  • You don’t have to wait for the IoT device connecting to the internet to get the endpoints information.
  • Better visibility and control over IoT devices.
  • Complete end-end security and encryption possibilities

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