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Proven live broadcast technology

In the ever-evolving world of broadcasting, connectivity is key. As a renowned broadcast connectivity provider, Weconnect provides tailored solutions to empower reporters, camera production teams, and live broadcast operations. We supply high-quality, reliable, and speedy internet broadcasting connectivity, available anywhere in the world. Our broadcast network connections leverage the power of 4G LTE and 5G technologies, tapping into multiple networks per region to ensure incredibly high and stable upload speeds. This robust internet infrastructure allows us to deliver a seamless, uninterrupted broadcasting experience.

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Flexible and Cost-Efficient Broadcast Internet Services

Understanding the dynamic nature of the live broadcast industry, Weconnect offers highly flexible internet broadcasting services designed to cater to your unique needs. We understand that in broadcasting, usage and consumption can vary greatly. This is why we offer a pay-as-you-go model, allowing you to only pay for what you actually use. Our web-based tooling supports the centralized process and ensures correct charging per internet broadcasting project, offering you a cost-efficient solution that doesn’t compromise on quality or reliability.

Live News gathering and Sports production

With live reporting, high-quality 4G or 5G with low latency is required. This is where Weconnect as a broadcast connectivity provider, show its real strength.

4G & 5G internet broadcasting services have high industry standards and qualitative parameters to support live streaming reliably and securely.

We also understand the dynamics of this type of user, and we offer our broadcast network services “on demand”. This means no use, no data costs. Of course, we offer the mobile internet service worldwide, from 1 platform and management environment.

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Live Streaming Events

With our high-quality 4G connections, we support every event, internet broadcasting production, or registration. Connections for Live streaming and live broadcasting are subject to high requirements such as high bandwidth and low latency.

Our services take care of this. Thanks to the industrial standards of the SIM, including the high bandwidth thanks to 4G Plus and 5G, we make this possible.

In addition, we understand the dynamics of this type of project, and we offer our broadcast network services “on demand”. This means no use of data and no data costs. Of course, we offer the service worldwide, from 1 platform and management environment.

4G Project location TV production

Support employees with 4G LTE internet anywhere in the world. Your remote production employee is always on, anytime and everywhere, being its own broadcast connectivity provider.

Weconnect offers a range of services and setups.
From shared company bundles for a group of employees to bundles for international projects.

The latter offers 4G LTE in 80 countries worldwide at a fixed low price per month. But we can also create a network and country profile specifically designed for your project and needs. Both regionally and globally. Extremely suitable for project employees and management members who want to avoid a lot of trips and bills of thousands of euros.


The next generation of broadcasting services

Global Possibilities


Example: you can put 6 SIMs in a camera and then steer each 2 SIMs to a specific network manually. In this way you have 3 different networks in a certain country and do bonding.

To get the performance your application needs even when it’s getting busier on the network (5G)




Get network improvement when specifically needed at a certain area (5G)


Nerd Talk




Connected and in control with our CMP

Our IoT solutions are including a rich function IoT Portal. Cloud based, covering all you need for M2M SIM activation and management.

With this great tool you can act as an operator on your own. Just hold stock and facilitate activation and suspending at your command.

A wide range of alert settings to manage possible risk of too much usage and cost is a great feature as well.

When you need to support multiple , different projects for co working companies, departments or resellers, use the cost place section to separate projects and its dynamics so clear borders per IoT Solutions project are covered.

About Weconnect

After working within corporate telecom operators for over 17 years, we started weconnect in 2016. We took the lessons learned and got rid of the typical “don’ts’’ we experienced during our career within the telecom market.

We created a honest and clear model supplying international mobile internet to connect customers and partners in a way we wanted to be connected.

Since then we’ve build up a global mobile network service and an amazing team of professionals in Alkmaar, the Netherlands.

We’ve been providing the best global connectivity solutions since the start, we keep developing in this changing market and we are more than happy to provide you with our services. Read more about our team.

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