Weconnect & Yookr start collaboration for smart farming

Weconnect and Yookr have joined forces and are going to work together to create the best smart farming solution.

Because collecting data is 1. Sending it in a fast and reliable way is 2. By working together we make it possible to generate data worldwide and then transport it and bring it together for analysis and translation into usable information anytime. everywhere.

We combine the proven connectivity of the Weconnect IoT sim with the data analytics expertise and data platform of Yookr.

“When collaboration is more than the sum of 1 + 1”

John van Helden – CEO of Yookr

The Yookr Solutions

Linking data to production can lead to greater success in cultivation. That is why we are committed to a data-driven approach to growers.

Because maximum efficiency requires more than green fingers. The personalized farmer’s dashboards gives a clear insight into your cultivation at any time of the day.

Yookr works independently of any brand. The Smart Farming sensors map the data that are relevant to the production, such as humidity, (crop) temperature, soil moisture, dew point, and medium photosynthetic PAR light. In addition, thanks to the API, all information that comes from other data sources, such as climate systems and databases, can be integrated into the Yookr smart dashboard. The 4G mobile connectivity of weconnect is a complementary element within the solution for the fast and stable exchange of real-time data. 

Yookr smart farming monitoring of crops with dashboard