Global IoT SIM cards for companies and uses in devices

In this article you will discover the best global IoT SIM cards for companies and customer use cases in devices. Find out more about the different types of IoT SIM cards, how they compare and customer use cases for SIM cards in IoT devices.

New to the term IoT SIM? Learn more about the importance of global internet access and a global connection for M2M-IoT solutions.

What is an IoT SIM card?

An IoT SIM looks and feels almost identical to a regular SIM card that we all use in our mobile phones. However, an IoT SIM is used in a wider variety of devices.

IoT SIM cards are data SIM cards that allow smart devices to communicate to each other, and to software and IoT Management platforms for data analytics purposes.

IoT SIM cards are used in many smart IoT devices such as sensors, security equipment, wearables, industrial, medical and all sorts of smart household appliances.

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5 differences between Traditional SIM cards and IoT SIM cards

What are 5 differences between traditional SIM cards and IoT SIM cards?

1. An IoT SIM may be stronger and more durable than traditional SIM cards.

2.  An IoT SIM offers flexible and competitive plans for global data roaming.

3.  An IoT SIM offers special customized data plans, based on the IoT application or device.

4.  An IoT SIM is designed to run more energy efficiently than traditional SIM cards.

5.  An IoT SIM is more secure, use APN and VPN networks and cannot be easily removed.

Different types of IoT SIM cards

What are the different types of IoT SIM cards that are available on the market? There are 3 different types of an IoT SIM:

1. Standard SIM cards (UICC)

Well-known and familiar design. They come in diverse sizes, to push or slide in a device.

2. Embedded Chip SIM cards (MFF2 UICC)

Installed in the device, one size and non-removable.

3. eSIM cards (eUICC)

A combination of standard and embedded, but more flexible provider switching and digital.

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SIM card for IoT devices

What are 8 popular use cases for SIM cards in IoT devices?

1. Agricultural sector

Automatic irrigation, monitoring of stall temperature and animal wellbeing.

2. Transportation

Connected cars, road signage, road traffic congestion monitoring.

3. Home security

Connected cameras, smart locks, smoke, water, and fire detectors.

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4. Smart city

Adaptive city lighting, water level sensors, monitoring of air pollution

5. Industry

Supply chain monitoring, maintenance sensors in machines, security.

6. Shops

Consumer behavior tracking, anti theft, automatic checkout, inventory monitoring.

7. Medical

Patient health monitoring, sensors, and quality control in medical equipment.

8. Infrastructure

Smart electricity grid, control, and monitoring of pipes. 

Best IoT SIM card plans

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