Established in 1970, Acta Marine works in a broad scope of maritime sectors. Our background is in shallow water projects, but in these four decades, we have developed our skills to include a variety of tailor-made services for clients working throughout the maritime sector.

We operate globally; supporting clients in two main areas. Firstly, Coastal Infrastructure, which comprises dredging, coastal defense, port, and marine construction, and aquaculture. And secondly, Offshore Energy, which includes the Oil & Gas, and Offshore Wind industries as well as emerging renewable energy markets.

Crew WIFI and Internet communications are essential for our modern maritime vessels, whether it’s DP Multicats, Walk-to-work vessels, Tugs, Crew Transfer Vessels, or Multipurpose & Survey Vessels.

The great benefit is that 4G LTE can offer much higher speeds at a significantly lower cost to satellite, enabling the next wave of maritime communications. As many vessels spend a significant amount of time near shore in harbors, waiting and bunkering. When being near-shore the need for data communications is the highest (loading bills, clearance, shipping instructions, crew waiting time).

Weconnect facilitates us with reliable, high-quality 4G LTE supporting these mentioned processes. Besides they can support us project-based worldwide.

New countries or regions can be simply activated, so once the SIM is initially installed, it can stay in our hardware and it supports worldwide connectivity from only one (1) SIM. Costs are transparent and pay-per-use. The SIMS are simply managed from one single management portal where we can use allocated project-based cost places.

“Weconnect is a steady workhorse within our fleet.”

Rob Meijer
Marine Project Manager