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In the current information age rapid news has become essential. In addition, rapid publication to multiple channels (TV and Internet) is a must. Our customers must have the availability of an end to end solution for great and immediate performance at the highest possible uptime. Therefore, we have our Connected camera solution. The solution is supporting different workflow applications like post pro and live.


EMG is a service provider serving national and international customers in the TV and media production industry. With the latest generation of facilities, committed and service-minded professionals, we make content creation easier. We combine our years of experience with dedication, flexibility, and creativity. EMG has the entrepreneurial vision of a start-up and strives for perfection and the professionalism of a major player with an impressive track record. Our staff is passionate
about developing high-quality tailor-made solutions to help you create, manage and operate your video content worldwide. Read more about the EMG Connected Camera solutions.  In addition to the Netherlands, EMG is active in France, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, Luxembourg, the US & Australia.

United connected camera solution 4g broadcasting

The comprehensive integration with a variety of editing platforms ensures that content workflow is made available for immediate processing within the editing environment. Thus, editing can start while on-site recording continues. This means a considerable time gain. The content for editing arrives on the servers within one minute after the start of registration. Editing can begin while the camera crew is still working. Edited items can be ready for broadcast while the crew is still packing up. In this way, the same content can be used simultaneously to create items for different channels (TV, on-line, etcetera).

The connected camera can be used also for live WMT streaming, if required. The signal is received in a central location and is then relayed for live applications or used for semi-live or other applications.
For both scenario’s the Weconnect 4G LTE SIM facilitates our solution in a great way connecting customers every day. The SIM contains the highest attainable stability, up time and speed and can be used anywhere in the world on any network. What makes the Weconnect solution very strong is the fact that we now have one contract, one contact and one SIM supporting multiple networks per country. The SIMS connect automatically, non-steered, to the strongest network available, anywhere in the world. Thanks to the services of Weconnect our Connected Camera solution is completed with high-quality mobile connectivity supporting mission critical process excellently.

“Our Connected Camera solution supported with 4G LTE connectivity of Weconnect, makes it is possible to quickly provide various channels of highly topical and newsworthy content. On-demand and reliable”

Tom Eshuis
Manager Satellite Services EMG

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Weconnect is solving problems with Data SIMs globally, we are the connectivity experts. Are you looking for the right partner for your Wireless Broadcasting, 4G live streaming or Global television solution then you’ve found your partner.

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