RTL broadcasting

Broadcasting SIM

RTL Nieuws brings the news quickly and directly. Our reporters will go all over the world to cover the news, regardless of where and when the news takes place. Because news cannot be predicted, our reporters must have a qualitative, flexible ”always on” solution. Weconnect facilitates this. The 4G LTE SIM contains a high level of stability, up time and speed and can be used anywhere in the world on any network. What makes the Weconnect solution very strong and unique is the feature to connect to any network in the world, non-steered. This means that we are always automatically connected to the strongest network available, no matter where we are in the world. Thanks to this solution our reporters have a high-quality mobile connectivity, so we can provide our viewers with the latest news in the best possible way.



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“Weconnect understands our business by providing worldwide 4G connectivity. The excellent service and the flexible cost model make it a good solution for our needs”