You’ve heard of it, but at the same time, you keep thinking about what benefits it really offers. Allow us to summarize the 5G Benefits!

What are the benefits of 5G?

Advantages Network 5G is expected to lead to a significant increase in the number of applications that can be operated on the network, offers lower latency. In addition, 5G will support a much larger pool of devices that will simultaneously access a network and be able to process significantly more data per device than 4G LTE can handle. What are end-user Advantages:
  • Application Priority. To get the performance your application needs even when it’s getting busier on the network
  • Guaranteed bandwidth. When even the shortest hick-up can’t be afforded
  • Coverage on-demand. Get network improvement when specifically needed at a certain area or building.
  • Jitter only 5ms. About 5 times less than with 4G LTE
  • Availability improvement. Up to 99,9995%
  • Build on 700 MHZ. Indoor coverage improvement

Application examples of 5G

Some application examples where 5G is going to attribute in the experience and function are:
  • Augmented reality
  • Robotics and Drones (IoT Solutions)
  • Intelligent assets within smart cities and smart industries
  • Bodycams
  • Wearables like healthcare applications
  • Video streaming & analytics (Broadcast connectivity provider)
Weconnect delivers truly 5G in The Netherlands and many more countries will follow shortly.