What is 4G Backup and how does it work?

Internet backup failover (better known as 4G backup) means that your connection will automatically switch to backing up your Internet service if your main connectivity service fails. It acts as a second-line to your main internet connect

Adding internet backup to your current fiber-optic Internet will provide the redundancy needed to combat future outages in your business. This solution includes using the 4G 5G LTE data plan. LTE failover is a data-based plan, similar to what you would have with a smartphone.

The LTE service you get with this fail-over solution includes an agreed amount of data.

Summarized: when your cable network fails, your router changes to the wireless network you’re also using on your mobile phone.

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How does 4G backup / internet failover work?

Once a business grade 4G 5G router is installed, the router can identify when a fixed Internet connection has failed. Once it detects the primary service has been disconnected, the modem automatically switches over to the 4G Backup service to support Internet connectivity over mobile broadband. Mobile internet is facilitated by the inbuild SIM covering multiple networks per country.

4G Backup enables the router to re-establish Internet connectivity to supply the LAN site and ensures the key processes of your business. A short period of down-time will be experienced as this re-routing takes place.

In reverse, the same will happen when the router detects a successful (previously established) fixed Internet connection. It will automatically switch from the 4G Backup service to the primary fixed Internet service, after a short delay.

Why do I need 4G back up?

Internet failover is necessary for companies because keeping their business connected is essential for a successful operation of the company. Start by listing all the critical processes that require digital connectivity, and you’ll get an idea of why businesses need backup Internet. For companies that use fiber-optic Internet, you could diversify by using a 4G 5G connection as a backup.

Critical processes and systems that probably need internet in your company:

  • POS (point-of-sale) system
  • Security system
  • Online order system
  • Stock and inventory system

How do I set-up 4G backup / internet failover.

Take the steps described below and the installation of your 4G Backup / internet failover system should go successful. Need help, as a weconnect client you can always contact our support.

  1. Insert the SIM card into the micro SIM card slot;
  2. Connect the LAN port to an Ethernet port on your PC and boot the modem;
  3. The modem distributes an IP address to your computer via DHCP(Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol);
  4. Go to the user admin, log in with the default password listed at the bottom of your modem and set your APN(Access Point Name);
  5. Then click to connect to the mobile network;

You will see the strength of the signal by means of the LEDs on top of your modem. You now have a router that has internet via 4G. You can connect it to your LAN(Local area network) – WAN(Wide area network) router or you can put in the fixed line as a primary.

Once done you can go to the menu settings and set the fixed line as Primary Wired WAN, and the 4G LTE as Mobile WAN failover. When weconnect delivers the solution as a managed service to you, a fully configured service will be dispatched or installed. This makes it an easy plug and play self-installation, or we will arrange a complete installation on site and set you up in order to be always on.

The best 4g backup / internet failover routers

To get a uniform solution covering international locations we selected a set of business and carrier-grade routers where all of them have great functionality of their own. All of them cover the most or all of your international connectivity needs.

  • Sierra Wireless. The AirLink® LX60 is the industry’s first LTE and LTE-M / NB-IoT router for commercial and enterprise applications. The LX60 offers “out-of-the box” connectivity that is simple to install, and easy to manage providing your equipment or business with a primary or backup LTE connection. The LX60 provides purpose-built, secure, reliable, managed LTE networking in IoT applications such as Building Automation, Digital Signage, Taxis, ATMs, Kiosks and Point-of-Sale terminals. The LX60 is designed to meet the environmental and performance requirements of a diverse range of equipment in building, industrial and mobile locations, delivering superior reliability and uninterrupted operation in fixed, indoor and protected outdoor environments.  LX60 is also available with optional Wi-Fi + GNSS and rated for shock, vibration and vehicle power environments meeting the demands of light commercial and taxis requiring connectivity. Find out more on our selected hardware page.

  • Cradlepoint. The AER2200 is designed for small to mid-sized branches, the Cradlepoint AER2200 is an all-in-one router that offers organizations the high availability of embedded Gigabit-Class LTE and the ease of use of point-and-click cloud management. With wired and wireless routing, foundational SD-WAN, embedded Gigabit-Class LTE, WiFi, and comprehensive security, the cloud-managed AER2200 greatly simplifies branch networking. The AER2200 offers single-pane-of-glass management for the entire branch site, including IoT devices. Cradlepoint AER2200 branch routers are sold as part of a NetCloud Package for branch networks, that includes a subscription to  the NetCloud Service, continuous modem and software feature enhancements, 24×7 support, on-demand training, and limited lifetime warranty. Find out more on their website.

  • Teltonika. The RUTX09 is LTE-A Cat 6 cellular IoT router with Dual-SIM, Carrier Aggregation, and 4 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. It is designed as a Main/Backup internet source offering cellular speeds up to 300 Mbps, where steady connection and high data through- put is necessary. It has plenty of processing capacity for custom applications on the OpenWrt based RutOS system. Several of security features are available, like Firewall, VPN, IPsec, SNMP, Content Filtering for maximized safety. This product is compatible with our Remote Management System for convenient monitoring, maintenance, and data collection. Find out more on our selected hardware page.

  • Cisco. The 1000 series delivers increased mobility and next-generation WAN and LAN options. Access Ethernet, DSL, LTE Advanced, and 802.11ac Wi-Fi. The 1000 Series is ideal for use as customer premises equipment. Manage and operate your WAN from a single dashboard. Provide highly secure, direct Internet access at the branch and optimize the user experience with Cisco SD-WAN. Gain enterprise-class security and a highly secure WAN by Cisco Umbrella, Encrypted Traffic Analytics, and advanced threat defense provide high-performance encryption, VPN, firewall, and URL filtering. Easy management and deployment is done via one operating system for consistency and visibility across all branch offices and remote sites. The 1000 Series is the first fixed-configuration router with Cisco’s trusted IOS XE software. Find out more on our selected hardware page.

4g backup in Europe, across borders and international.

With the power of 4G LTE coupled with the right equipment, mobile Internet systems can provide a fast, cost-effective and reliable mobile Internet service that far exceeds the capabilities of local providers for businesses. Weconnect has a wide range of solutions for providing mobile, Wi-Fi Internet for outdoor events and providing Internet in mobile- or branch offices.

When you use Weconnect for your backup Internet, the ability to use cable, fixed Internet connections and 4G 5G mobile connectivity are all embedded as one. Services are delivered from one contract, one price, one contact and one management platform facilitating all global needs. Reliability and high-performance availability is covered by the choice of equipment and features like multiple networks per country.