Qué es una SIM de viaje y la mejor solución para la conectividad global

In this blog we will talk about the best way to prepare your company for international or intercontinental business travel. Unfortunately it happens all too frequently, a month after returning from a business trip you’re presented with a bill from your telco for thousands of Euros in hidden data costs for using your domestic SIM abroad.

What is a business travel SIM? What are Travel SIMs?

An international SIM or business travel SIM – most frequently is a physical card –  used to connect a phone or device in countries other than the home country. These travel SIMs offer special deals per country so you can save money and always be connected whilst travelling. They are primarily consumer orientated and they don’t always suit business travellers or the buying processes of companies purchasing departments.

Think of the process of buying as a consumer, whilst being a business traveller where you need to declare your business expenses afterwards. Our business SIM can be purchased directly by the company (employer), so billing is done via the standard company process, giving the employee hassle free connectivity globally. Another great benefit with our solution is that we offer multiple networks per country. Something which can’t be done by the commercially available consumer travel SIMS you will find on the web.

Let us explain it in this video

Connectivity for business traveller’s and the problem of WiFi

International executives, whether CEOs, Managers or Team Members travel the world and are often confronted locally with mobile data issues. Local Wi-Fi networks simply aren’t available, secure or sufficient. Or they cannot be used due to the security policies of your own or the company you’re visiting. Simultaneously the demand for fast mobile data connections continues to grow as key company processes are non-stop. Connectivity needs to be always-on and on-demand, and you as a business traveller don’t know when and how long you’ll be travelling.

Additionally at the end of the day it’s always nice to video call with family & loved ones too. When you arrive, is purchasing a local SIM an option? Not really, since you are way too busy to search for and activate these SIM Cards.

And besides… which one do you buy in the foreign unknown jungle of offerings? So typically what happens next is that you roam with your current SIM subscription in the visiting country for astronomical prices often between €1.00 and €6.00 per MB. The result is horrifying bills of literally thousands of Euros a month per user. Plus lousy performance, and for the individuals who are aware of these issues, they find themselves holding back on using their devices, so it’s not very productive either.

Frustrations of business travelers

According to the GBTA Business Traveler Sentiment Index™ the top 5 frustrations of business travelers are the following:

  • 25% Not having reliable access to Wi-Fi
  • 19% Travel itself (getting from one place to another)
  • 17% The expense reporting process
  • 14% Booking and/or changing travel plans
  • 12% Not receiving reimbursements in a timely manner

With the Weconnect Business Travel SIM / eSIM we can take a big part of these frustrations away. Always on connectivity with our international presence and expense reporting on one bill or on a composite invoice.

eSIM as a perfect solution for business travel connectivity

With eSIM becoming more and more of a standard for new mobile devices this is becoming a more popular way of connecting for travelling abroad. All new iPhones since the XS and Samsung phones since the S20 have the possibility of using an eSIM as a Dual SIM. The same goes for tablets and even recent smartwatches.  

Let us explain how eSIM works: you already have a physical SIM card installed in your phone which is connected to your mobile subscription. eSIM gives you the option to add an additional subscription by scanning a QR-code. This works as following, the physical part is already installed in your device by the manufacturer, by scanning a QR-code your device gives you the choice to connect the new subscription to the eSIM chip. 

From this point on you can select which subscription you want to use for which action for instance for data connectivity. Then on to the point ‘perfect for business travelers’. There are two scenarios, one: you are a multinational and your staff travels very often, two: you are travelling for business often and need connectivity abroad.

  1. Multinational solution.

At Weconnect we can supply an eSIM management system for business travel SIM in which you can create new subscriptions for special regions and with custom limits. If an employee is planning on a business trip, you can choose a fitting subscription and create a custom QR-code for this employee. When the employee scans this QR-code the new subscription will be activated. In the portal you’ll keep access to usage information and receive a composite invoice of all active subscriptions or used data.

  1. Business traveler solution

Planning a business trip, you can now order your travel eSIM online at Weconnect. Select the subscription that fits your trip and we will send you a QR-code with which you can connect your phone.

What do I save by travelling with a business Travel SIM?

When travelling intercontinental with your ordinary subscription costs can be between €1,00 to €6,00 per MB. When using just 1GB at an average of €3,00 per MB the costs are already €3000 (!) Our business SIM / eSIM is predictable and flexible at a clear price with full coverage thanks to multiple networks per country. Non-steered, so get the best performing network at your location. Our service is available in over 190 countries from €5,00 per GB, request your perfect bundle now. 

business travel sim phone at airport

Important benefits you gain by using our business travel SIM / eSIM

  • Rely on your own fast 4G Data connectivity for supporting your work process anywhere you go globally
  • Freedom of using data without the fear for enormous bill shocks
  • Use these services as individual or company bundle
  • Determine the terms together with us, so monthly or quarterly bundles to be made for optimal flexibility
  • Great savings on international data costs
  • SIM only works in this set of countries with full clarity on pricing; One rate all countries all networks. SIM will not work anywhere else
  • IMEI Locking possible to avoid misuse in the situation of theft of SIM
  • Countries and or networks can be added upon request. This may affect the price for this particular country or network
  • Get the invoice to your personal or to your company. So choose what fits your companies process. Personal declarations don’t fit your process? We can invoice the finance department of your company, where shared company bundles can be made upon request!