Globale M2M-SIM-Karten für Unternehmen und ihre Sicherheitsvorteile 

In this article, you will learn what are the key benefits of M2M SIM cards and how companies can benefit from their security benefits. Find out what an M2M SIM is, how these SIM cards compare to traditional SIM cards and what are the best solutions for your business.

New to the term M2M SIM? Learn more about the importance of global internet access and a global connection for M2M-IoT solutions.

What is an M2M SIM card?

M2M stands for Machine To Machine. The M2M SIM card may look almost identical to the regular SIM card that we use in our mobile phones. But these cards are used for M2M IoT devices (Internet of Things).

An M2M SIM may be more durable and offer advanced technical features, which are not available with regular SIM cards.

M2M SIM cards are data SIM cards that are used in a wide variety of IoT devices. Some examples of IoT devices that contain an M2M SIM are sensors, freight containers, security devices, medical devices, and industrial machines.

An M2M SIM communicate with each other (Machine To Machine) or to a cloud-based IoT software application, for data analytics and management purposes.

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Traditional SIM cards and M2M SIM cards

What are the key differences between a regular SIM and an M2M SIM?

1. Advanced global roaming

M2M SIM cards have dedicated global data roaming plans, which allow them to be installed in any IoT device anywhere in the world.

2. More secure

M2M internet data connections are separated from the regular data traffic, making an M2M SIM more secure than a regular SIM. There are multiple security features available on an M2M SIM.

3. Advanced features

An M2M SIM has more memory and storage capabilities compared to a regular SIM.

4. Software

M2M SIM cards can connect to a cloud-based software platform, to manage M2M IoT SIM cards and to analyze their data.

5. Industry-grade

An M2M SIM is often referred to as industrial SIM cards. Compared to regular SIM cards, an M2M SIM can operate and survive in the most severe conditions.

Different types of M2M SIM cards for roaming

What are some of the different M2M SIM types to consider, if your M2M and IoT business depends heavily on global roaming? There are two different types of M2M roaming SIM cards available.

1. Steered roaming M2M SIM card for multiple networks

Steered M2M roaming SIM cards prioritize one network. This network is at all times preferred, but once the preferred network is unavailable it can switch to another network. 

Steered roaming SIM cards for M2M IoT are great if you have a global connectivity plan with a single provider and want to optimize costs as much as possible.

A steered M2M SIM, however, can lead to connectivity service interruption and downtime. Steered M2M SIM cards may affect your M2M IoT devices performance and uptime, especially in remote areas where signal strength may vary.

2. Non-Steered roaming M2M SIM cards for multiple networks

Non-steered M2M roaming SIM cards do not prioritize one network over the other. They can select and roam on any network, which offers the strongest signal for uninterrupted connectivity.

Customers of a non-steered M2M SIM can set parameters based on signal strength. They can pre-program when the SIM card should switch over to another network, to avoid downtime and service interruptions. This makes non-steered roaming M2M SIM cards the preferred choice for many companies in the M2M IoT industry.

The best non-steered M2M SIM for roaming is available with integrated mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) that offer competitive global roaming plans.

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M2M SIM cards security

An M2M SIM offers better security than regular SIM cards. There are two important security features of M2M SIM card connectivity.

1. APN (Access Point Names)

An M2M SIM offers APN (Access Point Names), which allow only specially designed and pre-approved SIM cards to connect to the network. No other device or SIM card can connect to the network.

2. VPN (Virtual Private Networks)

VPNs create secure tunnels with encrypted data traffic. The data that the M2M SIM send and receive, is invisible to non-authorized users on the public internet. 

Best M2M SIM card solutions 

Are you looking for the best M2M SIM card solutions for your business? Contact, a reliable integrated MVNO with competitive global roaming plans for M2M IoT.

With worldwide connectivity services and M2M SIM cards, you will benefit from non-steered roaming, but with unified tariffs and flexible competitive plans and worldwide coverage.

Discover the best global M2M SIM cards and IoT solutions for companies, and to learn more about satisfied customers around the world. 

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