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IoT is changing the world rapidly. Are you developing IoT hardware or solutions? With the eSIM solutions from Weconnect you can provide your IoT devices with mobile connectivity during production.

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Weconnect IoT Connectivity

The internet of things is changing the world rapidly. Are you developing IoT hardware or solutions? With the eSIM solutions from Weconnect, you can provide your IoT devices with mobile connectivity during production. This is done with an eSIM bootstrap and network set programmed directly on the chip of your device.

You can change the operator set during the life cycle of your device. We use secure and reliable remote provisioning ('over the air') to install and manage operator profiles without a SIM swap. We give you complete control over installing, activating, deactivating, changing and removing profiles on your eSIMs. You have the tools to determine the correct profile of the mobile provider for your device, always and everywhere.

What you need to know about Weconnect IoT


Weconnect Security

Simple info:

The weconnect solution ensures secure “always on connectivity’’ during network failure. Our network solution has all safety futures you and your organisation are used to.

For the security of your IT infrastructure we supply a dedicated VPN so the mobile connectivity becomes an integral part of your existing corporate network. The security and IT rules you set now applie to the mobile connected locations as well. Options like content filtering and Fixed IP addresses can be delivered as well.
to have some real nerd talk about it, we’re always in for that.

Global Possibilities

Global Possibility's

Local, national and international:

No matter how you are organized we can facilitate you with our Weconnect IoT and Data SIM services.

Benefit from over +700 networks and multiple networks per country for extra high availability and continuity of your business.

Stay lean and efficient with one contract, one contact, one solution and operational management from one single platform.


The best deal

Clear and honest pricing.

You just pay for the service subscription and only for the used data upon actual usage.

No fixed line outage means, no extra cost on 4G data usage or high cost bundles.

Alerts and blockage on maximum data usage can be set if wished.


Facilitate your electronic devices that are part of a smart home or home automation solution. With our solution, you can use any type of SIM – eSIM, SoftSIM & ChipSIM – so that your application is always equipped with the latest and best technology. 

We deliver multiple networks per country so that your entire delivery area always has a connection. We deliver the networks without ‘’steering’’ so the strongest available network provides the connection. Of course, the multiple networks per country ensure higher availability, something that can be very important in healthcare applications, for example. We provide national or international services from 1 SIM, 1 SIM management platform, and 1 management layer where customers and projects are set up and managed.

Cisco jasper portal screenshot Weconnect IoT management
Cisco jasper portal screenshot Weconnect IoT management


In addition to “connecting”, we love innovation and entrepreneurship. The diversity of the type of projects makes it fantastic to work together on projects. If you develop a device for any application, where a 2G / 3G or 4G connection is required, then we are happy to develop with you. We are happy to support projects and initiatives in an easily accessible manner with our knowledge and experience from connectivity

Pick a plan that suits your project


Within the EU
1,50 per month
  • 4G LTE e-SIM
  • 78 Countries
  • Security Options
  • Pooling Sims
  • 1 MB €0,0700


Enough for most IoT reporting devices
3,50 per month
  • 4G LTE e-SIM
  • 78 Countries
  • 1 MB €0,0700
  • Security Options
  • Pooling Sims


Most populair IoT sim of 2020
4,- per month
  • 4G LTE e-SIM
  • 78 Countries
  • Security Options
  • Pooling Sims
  • 1 MB €0,0700

Who is weconnect?

After working within corporate telecom operators for over 17 years, we started weconnect in 2016. We took the lessons learned and got rid of the typical “don’ts’’ we experienced during our career within the telecom market.

We created a honest and clear model supplying international mobile internet to connect customers and partners in a way we wanted to be connected.

Since then we’ve build up a global mobile network service and an amazing team of professionals in Alkmaar, the Netherlands.

We’ve been providing the best global connectivity solutions since the start, we keep developing in this changing market and we are more than happy to provide you with our services. Read more about our team.

Do you want to
stay ahead of the competition?

We deliver this complete solution to partners and resellers who want to distinguish themselves and deliver added value in the market in which they operate. Our organization and our services connect seamlessly with your business model. We offer a clear model in which we equip you with high-quality and innovative services such as eSIM (eUICC), the required IT tools, a wholesale tariff and of course branding.