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Weconnect is an Independent Telecoms Network Operator who provide high-quality Global Connectivity and Mobile Data Services.

Located in, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Weconnect facilitate worldwide Connectivity for  Global Sim, Fixed and Mobile SIP Termination, Data, M2M & IoT.

With global connectivity consisting of partnerships with over 570 networks in more than 195 countries, Weconnect deliver guaranteed service at the best price.

Included in our portfolio of services is Multi IMSI based voice, VoIP, M2M and payment services.

With a complete service portfolio and network partnerships throughout the globe, Weconnect has built a solid International customer base.

Weconnect’s global connectivity business reach extends as far as Australia, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Great Britain, Italy, The Netherlands and the United States.

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With Global SIM, Weconnect provides all the elements that you need for International Roaming at a significantly reduced cost. With advances in today's technology, opportunities and new business models follow each other quickly. Introducing a Global Mobile Sim card with branded features can help you to stay ahead of the competition in any destination. With Weconnect Global Sim,  you determine the proposition, price plan, and additional services specifically aimed at your target audience. In addition to wholesale purchase prices, Weconnect provides the necessary building blocks for a fully custom end product, with optimal International roaming. For economic 4G LTE, 3G and 2G data Weconnect connects to almost any foreign data network. Contact our friendly support team for details.



With Weconnect SIP Trunking service, you can fully launch your own fixed telephony service. Customer ownership and superior delivery of services are crucial to the success of your business. You need to stay ahead of the competition to stimulate growth and performance in a rapidly changing world. This means that your service and communication portfolio must be flexible, scalable and future-proof. Weconnect SIP trunking portfolio will help you to achieve this. Current Globalisation and centralization policies of customers have initiated the increasing demand for the right SIP Trunking provider to facilitate this. With Weconnect SIP Trunking services, you determine the proposition, price plan, and additional services specifically aimed at your target audience. In addition to wholesale purchase rates, Weconnect provides the necessary building blocks for a complete end product and optimal (international) service. Enjoy access to International and National SIP services that are built and delivered from data centers with over 30 interconnects with Tier 1 operators. You'll also have a wide Direct Inward Dial assortment with all and any conceivable types of  DID numbers in more than 150 countries. Of course, we also provide customized designs for specific failover and redundancy needs. Connect with us today for details.    



M2M & IoT technologies provide a new way of working, and that's why more than one billion smart devices are connected globally. M2M (Machine to Machine) devices share information autonomously and can be used to optimise processes, increase productivity, enhance efficiencies and even improve safety. Organisations working with demanding volumes of information and data can improve their performance through the use of smart devices. IoT (Internet of Things ) solutions help you to bridge these connections so that you can respond to this increasing need to share information yourself, or together with your customer. Weconnect offer a very comprehensive data only M2M & IoT portfolio with the advantage of global coverage from just 1 Sim card. Our data services are very versatile and flexible and are available worldwide thanks to our network partners in more than 195 countries. Weconnect is agile in providing both high and low volume data and offers 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE anywhere in the world. You determine the proposition, the terms, and a price plan that works for you, based on our white label model. This portfolio is ideal for business partners looking for mobile connectivity as a complementary service to their existing activities.   Connect with us for customized details.



600 Netwerken
198 Landen

M2M, IOT & E- Sim


30+ Interconnects
150 Landen nummers

99,999% Beschikbaarheid
Wereldwijd Carrier Grade


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